Is the Enpipe Line on the shelf at your library?


The other day, an Enpipeliner requested the Enpipe Line at her library. She shared 10 reasons why the library should carry the Enpipe Line:

  1. It’s beautiful poetry, high literary quality.
  2. It’s an excellent example of BC literature that should be publicly available.
  3. It’s an important historical document of an urgent situation today.
  4. It’s edited by an amazing group of BC poets.
  5. It rocks!
  6. People want to read it.
  7. It’s an example of vibrant local culture.
  8. It’s an important environmental text.
  9. It fits the mission of the library beautifully.
  10. I want to borrow it.

Will you put in a request at your library and let us know how it goes?

British Columbian libraries that carry the Enpipe Line so far:

  1. Geoffrey R. Weller Library (University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George)
  2. Vancouver Public Library
  3. WAC Bennett Library (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby)
  4. … let’s add your library to the list!
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