Plays vs. Pipelines

“The plan was that no matter what I did, how busy I was, what other commitments I had, I would write a play a day, every single day, for a year.  It would be about being present and being committed to the artistic process every single day, regardless of the ‘weather.’  It became a daily meditation, a daily prayer celebrating the rich and strange process of a writing life.”

-Susan Lori Parks, 365 days/365 plays

The Challenge

Between the commencement of the project on October 1st, and the Enpipe Line Collective’s first annual End Pipe Assembly Day, on June 20, 2015, we’ll be in a playwrighting relay: every 48 hours one participant will write a play responding to the proposed pipelines however they see fit, and then pass that play onto the next participant as inspiration, or instigation for the following day. The plays can be as short as a single line, or as many pages as a playwright can write in a day. They can be simple narrative, or thought experiments, or elaborate jokes. They can respond to the Northern Gateway as directly or obliquely as the participating playwrights can imagine.

The Plays

The Playwrights 

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