April 23 & 24: Kim Minkus

April 23 & 24: Questions: Part 5 of a series

Kim Minkus


a�?a�?Kinder: A monstera�?
a�?Morgan: Another monster

Questions: Part 5 of a series, (a bi-polar production)

Kinder and Morgan are sitting with their backs against a log and watching the sunset at English Bay.

Kinder: I dona��t think I can do this anymore.

Morgan: What do you mean?

Kinder: I mean a�?this.a�? this a�?thing.a�?

Morgan: What a�?thinga�?? What are you talking about?

Kinder: Since the spill it just doesna��t seem right.

Morgan: Spill? What spill?

Kinder: Wea��re looking at it right now.

Morgan: I have no idea what youa��re talking about.

Kinder: You ARE kidding? There was an oil spill herea��in Vancouvera��right where we are lookinga��we are probably sitting on globules of oil right now! It was everywhere in the news.

Morgan: I dona��t watch the news, ita��s too depressing.

Kinder: Ita��s justa��they were showing sea birdsa��you knowa��anda�� (Kinder breaks into tears). The whole thing with the chickens was bad enough but when I think of cormorants, ducks and eagles thata��s another thing entirely. Somehow ita��s just so much worse when something is wild and rare.

Morgan: I think that is a real double standard. A chicken and an eagle are both birds. Why should one take precedent over another. Ita��s just so typical of our society to place hierarchies on life. What? Just because an eagle is bigger than a chicken we think theya��re so speciala��and we eat ducks. Cormorants I dona��t know that much abouta��but theya��re underwater most of the time. I meana��we hardly see them anyway so whoa��s going to notice when theya��re gone. I watched a news clip the other day anda��

Kinder: I thought you didna��t watch the news.

Morgan: OKa��so it was the nature channel.

Kinder: You watch the nature channel but you dona��t care about rare and wild animals?

Morgan: It was a show on monkeys and I like monkeysa��but as part of the monkey clip they started showinga��

Kinder: We are getting way off topic here.

Morgan: What were we talking about?

Kinder: Ia��m saying ita��s over. I cana��t be the a�?bia�? in your a�?polara�? anymore.

Morgan: Youa��re just in one of your moods.

Kinder: This is not one of my a�?moods.a�? I feel just awful about a�?everythinga�? right now. (more crying)

Morgan: Ita��ll all be finea��looka��there are people cleaning up the oil right nowa��look through the binoculars (handing Kinder a small pair of binoculars accutane in india prices, accutane in india prices, accutane in india prices, accutane in india prices, accutane in india prices, accutane in india prices. ) and the setting sun is creating a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour over the oil globules.

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