April 3 & 4: Kim Minkus

April 3 & 4: Questions: Part 4 of a series

Kim Minkus


Kinder: A monster

Morgan: Another monster

Questions: Part 4 of a series, (a bi-polar production)

Kinder and Morgan are obviously exhausted and are lying on a couch in an office. The coffee table in front of them is filled with take-out food containers and empty beer cans.

Kinder: How many more questions are there?

Morgan: Combined… about 703.

Kinder: Oh God, I’m going to die.

Morgan: Let’s try to do a few more.

Kinder: Can’t we just stop now? That’s what we did last time.

Morgan: Whose questions do you have again?

Kinder: Burnaby’s

Morgan: I think we answered about a half last time so we’ll do the same this time.

Kinder: Ok, but there’s no way I’m giving them any more paperwork about the spill thing. I’m done.

Morgan: I already told them “no” and the NEB backs us on that one – of course they usually back us no matter what we do.

Kinder: What’s the next question?

Morgan: “What emergency preparedness plan does the company have in place in the event of an earthquake?”

Kinder: As if….

Morgan: I think we can safely skip that one.

Kinder: Oh – here’s one from Burnaby….”Does the company have any means of detecting groundwater contamination ?”

Morgan: What’s groundwater?

Kinder: I think it might be related to drinking.

Morgan: Drinking what?

Kinder: Water.

Morgan: Not that again.

Kinder: So what’s our answer?

Morgan: Let’s skip it.

Kinder: We can’t skip every question.

Morgan: No, just every second question.

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