December 10 & 11: Kim Minkus

December 10 & 11: FOREST

Kim Minkus


Kinder: A monster
Morgan: Another monster
Tree: A Tree
Forest: All the trees


On a mountain with trees.

Kinder: Apparently I’m bi-polar.

Morgan: I’ve spotted a tree and I’m going to cut it down.

Kinder: Good idea.

Morgan: That particular tree has been in the way of things for a while. How can I get any work done with that tree in the way?

Kinder: I don’t understand why people get attached to trees.

Morgan: I can hear something.

Kinder: It’s coming from the tree!

Morgan: Is it talking or singing? I’ve heard both before.

Kinder: You’ve heard trees talk and sing?

Morgan: Yeah – they sort of sound like birds – sometimes like fish.

Kinder: But fish don’t sing.

Morgan: That’s what you think.

Tree: Excuse me. EXCUSE ME. You’re in my way. Could you please move a little to the left? You’re blocking my view.

Kinder: I would prefer if you sang.

Tree: Believe me, you would not want to hear me sing.

Morgan: This one doesn’t sound like a bird or a fish.

Kinder : Great.

Tree: I asked you politely to move and you have not responded. Now things are going to get ugly. Everyone (speaking to the other trees) I think we need to pull out all the stops. Do you remember that song about accentuating the positive? Let’s give them a little pandemonium.

Forest: (singing)

You gotta accentuate the positive,

Eliminate the negative,

An’ latch on
To the affirmative,
Don’t mess with mister in-between!

Kinder and Morgan: Look what you’ve done. We’re not even bi-polar anymore. We’re melting. Melting. What a world. What a world.

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