December 16 & 17: Jordan Hall

December 16 & 17: Valse des Cygnes

Jordan Hall


Man in Coveralls

Valse des Cygnes

A troupe of elegant ballerinas flutter on to the stage. They spin around in something that looks a great deal like the Valse des cygnes from Swan Lake.

After a moment a man in coveralls drags an oil drum to the edge of the stage and starts pouring out the oil out onto the stage. The dancers keep dancing in the oil. It coats their feet and starts splattering their lovely white outfits. The man in the coveralls keeps pouring.

The ballerinas begin to fumble and slip. They try to keep dancing. They fall, and get up and try to continue, coated in thick black sludge. Some are injured too seriously by their falls. They struggle to rise anyway, making piteous noises. Eventually, the dance disintegrates into nothing more than a troupe of filthy swan-girls crawling in the muck and crying.

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