December 30 & 31: Cory Philley

December 30 & 31: Ita��s a Comina��

Cory Philley


It’s a Comin’

Two people sit in lawn chairs facing upstage. A large empty pipe sits in front of them, empty. The faces of the two people are being filmed and that is being projected onto screens on either side of the pipe. They are eating potato chips and other than their chewing, they are silent.

A: (gesturing with bag to B) Are youa��?

B: (grunts and remains staring at the empty pipe)

A puts chip bag away and fidgets for 30 seconds. Should be a series of rehearsed gestures that leads back to the start of the sequence. When A goes to the first or second gesture in the sequence the second time round this is when A begins to speak:

A: Are youa��

B: ( xs650 for sale, xs650 for sale, xs650 for sale, xs650 for sale, xs650 for sale, xs650 for sale. cuts off) yes

A: (silent for a moment, then tentatively begins again) How do youa��

B: Because.

A: Because?

B: Because.

A: (again pauses, then hesitantly says) Because what againa��?

B: Wea��ve been over this.

A: I know I know but maybe one more a��.

B: Seriously?

A: (fidgets and starts sequence but then breaks off) Yes? Please??

B: (sighs deeply) Alright, because it alwaysa�� what?

A: Happens? Right it always happens.

B: Right and in fact even though we cana��t see it…

A: (repeats with B softly)a��we cana��t see ita��

B: Ita��s happening even now, even as we sit here, looking and seeinga��?

A: Seeinga��?

B: What are we seeing?

A: Now?

B: Yes now, right now, what are we seeing?

A: Ummmma��..nothing?

B: Right, nothing but still ita��sa��what?

A: Ummmma��..happening?

B: yes, good, right, ita��s happening even when

A: Ummmma��.we cana��t see it? Even when ita��s right there in front of us?

B: Yes, Yes, Good, thata��s right, you got it. Thata��s it.

A: Huha��.wow, I got it. Gooda��.ita��s like magic

B: No ita��s not like magic.

A: Well it seems like magic.

B: It is the opposite of magic.

A: Oh.

B: The exact opposite of magic. Just take my word on this. Ok?

A: Oka��(is silent for a moment) is it likea�� likea�� God maybe..?

B: No.

A: But ita��s a faith thing yeah?

B: No. ita��s a science thing.

A: But I cana��t always see it even though ita��s there.

B: Really? Really??!!

A: You dona��t have to yella��

B: Apparently I do. I do have to yell.

A: Well ita��s kinda rude. Ia��m just trying to understand..

B: Can you justa�� be quiet. Just for a few moments, just a few seconds. Please.

A: Ok but I still dona��t get..

B: Please? Please justa��. Ssshhhhh.

A & B sit in silence for a few seconds. A starts up the gesture sequence and gets about A? way through the sequence and then starts fidgeting again.

A: Soa��..if ita��s not magic and ita��s not Goda�� ita��s not good right?

B: Right ita��s not good.

A: Thata��s not good that ita��s not gooda��And it always happens?

B: Always.

A: And ita��s a��

B: Coming. Yes it is, ita��s coming.

A: Hmmmma�� and wea��rea��?

B: Yes.

A: Isna��t there anythinga��?

B: Maybe. Hopefullya��

A: And thata��s good? Yes? Things will bea��better?

B: Maybe. Hopefully.

A is silent and then reaches for the potato chip bag and offers to B who hesitates and then takes one. They sit and eat still watching the empty pipe. Lights fade.