December 4 & 5: Cory Philley

December 4 & 5: Intervention

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Cory Philley



A woman enters into a circle of light and sits in a chair facing the audience. She is dressed casually yet neatly and sits with her hands in her lap and her ankles crossed, waiting for something it seems. There is a complete circle of light around her so you can see her entire body and a small spill of light around the chair. There is a murmuring of indistinct voices coming out of the darkness from around her and as she begins to speak they gradually drop off only adding punctuation or emphasis to her monologue. These voices lower and rise as in normal conversation and at one such lower segments, the woman begins to speak and the murmuring at first fades to silence.

Woman: I suppose..well I guess I start by saying that you were brought here under what might be, no what are false pretenses. Not that I (clearing of throat from behind her) that is we dona��t want to have a seasonal cocktail with youa�� ita��s just that a��I, I mean we, are being uha��.Ia��m not sure how to say this (addresses darkness with no response).. Ok I (slight clearing of throat from unseen voices) that is we, (gestures vaguely behind her) have been considering this for a while (another throat clear) ok, yes quite a while but have never figured out exactly how to approach you. I mean, you do have to admit that, well, you are a sensitive soul it seems and any hint of opposition seems to be met with a��..(quiet murmur from behind)a��a sort of.. no a definite air of assertive and/or aggressive behaviour and ummma��..that can be kind of intimidating, no it can be very intimidating and ummmma��..(sharp murmur from behind and woman turns around in her seat towards the voice) Do you want to do this? Ia��d be happy to change places? (silence and then a small abashed murmur back). Right then.

The thing is this might be, no is, really what could be called ana��intervention. Now, please please let me just get through this before you speak ok? If you could just give me, us time to bring forward the issue and then if you have questions..a��The thing is that well I, (murmur) ok we have been noticing the same kind of behaviour over and over again from you and it seems to be always ending badly for you and now ita��s beginning to affect all your relationships. I guess the issue isa��we hear over and over again how things are going well, everything is Skookum and you are like a ray of liquid sunshine when it happens. You make promises about the future, you have optimism and briefly, you and the rest us ride on the coattails of this pleasant, well, dream. And I call it a dream, or dream state, because just as quickly it turns in the opposite direction and the relationship between a�� you a�� and, well everyone has broken down and youa��re blaming other people and frankly just being downright hostile. Not to mention the damage, the chain reaction that happens because of your choicesa��. And we just cana��t do it anymore. Now we do take responsibility for, you know, riding the choo choo as it carried us all merrily along so to speaka�� (murmur from behind) well I do anyway. We, I (waits for objection from voices) we, all were on that gravy train. But I think we all have to agree that those salad days are gone my friend, and we think ita��s time, past time for you to change at the next available station a�� maybe take a whole other means of transportation. I mean, trotting out another old clichA� that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different resultsa��I mean listen, Ia��ve been in therapy, had to look at my own demons, my own patterns, my fear of change and reluctance to take responsibility for my choices. I cana��t begin to tell you how it sucks to know that basically Ia��ve dated the same person in different variations over and over again since I was 14, the same damn person. Ita��s not pretty let me tell youa��a�� Ita��s really not pretty and it has felt like there is no redemption. But I believe, and not just because therapy cost me a pretty penny, I have to believe that redemption is possible for myself and for you. But I had to stop doing the things that I was doing to even begin to consider doing something else (murmur from the darkness)….So I guess that is what wea��re asking for you to do, stop and re-consider choices and how theya��re actively hurting you and everything that is in your life. I mean the choices are out there, better choices and Ia��ve got some great names of several therapists who are all interested, beyond interested, in dealing with youra��.situationa��.but you have to do it now, because, whether you know it or not, everything is being poisoned right now, beyond what you can even contemplate, beyond those dreams of yoursa�� and I cana��t do it anymore, support you, I mean. We cana��t. We cana��t sit and do nothing while you ruin your life and others (looks behind her for support but there is silence)a��.. I think thata��s it really. Wea��re asking you to make another choice, a better choice. Ita��s possible. I know ita��s possible. There has to be hope, right?

Murmur of voices in a kind of a�?here, herea�� fashion breaks out as the light broadens to show the woman sitting in her chair on a pipeline that is oozing oil. The lights slowly tightens up until it once again just on her, voices fade, lights fade. Darkness descends.