February 2 & 3: Eve MacGregor

February 2 & 3: Ceci n’est pas une pipeline

Eve MacGregor



Ceci n’est pas une pipeline

A large screen onto which is projected a movie of a pipeline transporting dilbit. The setting in the movie is a small meadow with long grasses in the foreground, the pipeline in the middle ground and trees in the background. The day is bright and sunny, there are white fluffy clouds in the sky. It is a silent film and for the first 5 minutes all is still except for the grass which dances lightly. In the 6th minute dilbit starts to drip from one of the seams in the pipeline. In the 8th minute the drip has increased to a light stream. The “this is not a leak” continues until the 11th minute when the movie ends with the visual and sound of broken film flapping around a projector reel.

EVE and SARAH enter stage right and set up their folding chairs facing the screen with their backs to the audience.

ANTHONY and JAMES enter stage left and do the same.

The film plays for 11 minutes.

EVE, SARAH, ANTHONY and JAMES fold up their chairs and exit the way they came.