February 8 & 9: Thomas McKechnie

February 8 & 9: The CEO for Enbridge

Thomas McKechnie


Communications Director

The CEO for Enbridge

The CEO for Enbridge and a Communications Director for a Anti­Pipeline Activist Group stand behind two podiums, they both have stacks of papers. Behind them are two scoreboards tracking the money that both of them are making over the course of the scene.

The Enbridge CEO makes $15.32 a second.

The Communications director makes $0.12 a second.

Between them is the valve.

A person approaches the two.

Comm: It’s vital for the world you turn the valve off.

CEO: It’s vital for the country that you don’t turn the valve off.

Comm: I have a report here from a group of climate scientist saying that all of Alberta’s fossil fuels must r​emain in the ground.

CEO: I have a report here from a group of climate scientist saying that the work we do will have no significant impact on carbon levels in the atmosphere.

Comm: These are limnological reports on the consequences of a spill in Fraser, Mackenzie and Skeena rivers.

CEO: These are safety reports indicating the total safety of our pipelines.

Comm: These are reports on the dangers of tar sand excavation.

CEO: These are reports about Enbridge’s work on renewable energy services.

Comm: These are the treaties indicating the rights of native communities over the correct usage of their land.

CEO: This is money.

Throws money in the air.

Comm: This is polling data that shows residents of BC are opposed to the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

CEO: This is polling data that shows residents of BC are in favour of the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Comm: These are reports on the appalling safety and reliability record of Enbridge pipelines

CEO: These are reports on the exemplary safety and reliability record of Enbridge pipelines

Comm: This is a list of the major decision makers on the National Energy Board and their connections to major oil companies.

CEO: These are the credentials of all of those captains of industry detailing their years of invaluable experience in the energy industry.

Comm: This is a­-

CEO: Look, we can sit here all day pulling out report after report but at the end of the day people need energy. It warms their homes, it powers their technology, we are working our hardest to provide everyone with what they need. We have absolutely no other priorities than providing safe, sustainable energy. This special interest group employee only gets a paycheque if they find a suitable mud­flinging target and dredge up all sorts of reports using questionable sources and ignore anything that might show our company in positive light. I have no skin in the facts and figures game, I have skin in the oil game. The only reason I even have these facts and figures is because these “journalists” keep up their smear campaign against us. Enbridge is good for the economy, good for the environment. Trust us.

Lights fade leaving only the scoreboards still tallying the money earned. After a few seconds they two turn out.