January 15 & 16: Nathan Sars Barrett

January 15 & 16: ENTER BEAR

Nathan Sars Barrett




Bear: I have had enough of this poisoned creek water! (pulling a seated ‘audience member’ out of his her seat) Time to make an example out of one of you seven billion complacents sons of…

Complacent: Wow a Kodiak! Last of dieing breed… I feel that way a lot too though. y’know? like, I am. Or that I am, the last one person left, the only one left & there’s no more place for me here or anywhere & stuff… And, I think that I just don’t want to die alone, y’know? So I think why not…? I don’t know, then !Tinder! came along, & (a tree falls down from offstage Bear pulls Complacent aside just in time, Saving him, Complacent doesn’t even note the treee)

Bear: What the / hell are you stupid? get out from underneath, a tree is falling

Complacent: / it’s just so great. I mean, that people just want to be affectionate, y’know?

Bear: HUH?

Complacent: an CARED FOR; I just want us to caress, and be affectionate, y’know and all be cared for , I just wanna cuddle sometimes, it’s impotant, Tinder let’s us do that. (another tree falls almost cracking Complacents head but Complacent steps forward narrowly out of harms way. Bear, in BEARS scramble to save Complacents life attempts pushing Complacent forward & out of harms way but Bear is struck on the back and struck down by the Tree)

On the internet,That’s it. Y’know? And if it feels right? maybe ya… I almost gave up though. So glad I discovered Tinder though and at this time and stage in my development too, as well, I’m so ready for this tool for life. like love LOVE LIFE (another tree begins falling creaking to a halt, half way fallen… Complacent turns with his/her back to the falling Tree at a halt and for the first time sees the carnage of the knocked out Bear and the two fallen trees, wide eyed Complacent continues) I love Tinder. Woah. what is it you say? ..Right. Somebody around here, should, I think, say, ti/–(Before getting the word out though, the the half way fallen tree is knocked down by another tree falling tree & both take down Complacent)