January 21 & 22: Jordan Hall

January 21 & 22: Perennial Ice, Part Two: Summer

Jordan Hall


The Woman: A woman. Any age. Any race. However she might define herself.

Perennial Ice, Part Two: Summer

The promontory of ice. The woman.

The woman takes a break from chipping her path through the ice. She takes off her parka and her boots. Underneath it is whatever sunbathing gear she likes best. She puts on sunglasses. She lays out her parka like a towel and settles down to sunbathe.

After a beat, she picks up a much smaller ice pick and starts chipping ice into a glass. Once it’s full, she pulls a packet of margarita syrup from a pocket in her parka and makes herself a margarita.

The Woman: Some geniuses just aren’t appreciated in their own time.

She slurps her margarita as loud as she can.