January 7 & 8: Helena Andrade

January 7 & 8: The Burning Times

Helena Andrade

Skunk, a homeless man in his thirties
Angel, an outreach worker, mother, activist
Lola, Angel’s 9 year old daughter

The Burning Times

The rooftop of a four-story apartment building in East Van at sunset. To the east, black smoke billows high and wide. Directly above is a full moon. The soundscape is filled with distant sirens and the sound of waterbombers.

LOLA: Is the whole city going to burn?

SKUNK: This is the end of western civilization.

ANGEL: This is happening because we trusted the wrong people.

LOLA: Are people dying?

ANGEL: I don’t know.

SKUNK: I hope so.

LOLA: I don’t want to die. I don’t want Jackie and Esperanza and the other kids in my class to die.

SKUNK: Death can be a good thing.

ANGEL: I think there’s better ways to go than smoke and flames.

SKUNK: Well, its quick.

ANGEL: What about the damage to survivors? Think about that.

LOLA: I wish there was no such thing as oil. It just causes fighting and pollution.

SKUNK: Yeah, and the police are going to use this as an excuse to be more violent.

ANGEL: Wow, look how the light makes the smoke look so . . . beautiful.