June 10 & 11: Cory Philley

June 10 & 11: I Feel

Cory Philley

Two Characters: A & B (no specific genders)

I Feel

A river of oil is flowing across the stage. Light comes up on the flow of the oil, then further up to reveal two people sitting lawn chairs facing the oil, watching it flow across the stage like they are sitting by a river bank watching the water flow. This should continue until it is uncomfortable watching them before they begin to speak.

A: I feel

B: .…

A: I feel.

B: Huh.

A: I said I feel.

B: I heard you.

A: Why do you always…

B: I don’t.

A: Yes you always…

B: No I don’t.

A: Yes you do.

B: Huh.

A: Oh no don’t do that.

B: What?

A: Don’t be all like huh.

B: I’m not all like huh.

A: You are so all about huh. That’s all you’re about is huh.

B: Huh?

A: Exactly.

B: I meant what. What?

A: Whatever.

B: Oh Christ.

A: First you don’t talk.

B: Jesus Christ.

A: And then it’s all huh…

B: Jesus, Mary and all the frickin’ saints.

A: And no…

B: Oh for…

A: And what…

B: Seriously?

A: And Christ and Jesus Christ and…

B: Stop it.

A: And Jesus, Mary and…

B: I said stop it.

A: No.

B: What?

A: I said no.

B: Huh.

A: Jesus Christ.

B: You’re just nervous.

A: No.

B: Yes anxious and nervous.

A: No I’m…

B: Yes and taking it out on me.

A: That’s not…

B: And that’s fine.

A: It’s not fine.

B: No it’s not fine. But it is what it is.

A: Huh.

A: I feel..

B: Yes?

A: I feel…

B: Ok.

A: I feel… uncertain.

B: Really, uncertain, you feel uncertain.

A: Edgy.

B: On edge.

A: Didn’t I just say that? Do you have to.

B: Jesus Christ…

A: Well do you?

B: No I don’t. I don’t… I won’t.

A: Ok I won’t either.

B: Ok.

A: Ok.

A: But how is this going to end?

B: Ahhh baby…

A: What?

B: It’s not.

A: Huh?

B: It’s not going to end.

A: What?

B: It’s never going to end.

A: Never?

B: No. And well really…

A: What? What? And really what?

B: It has even really started.

A: Crap.

B: Now baby…

A: I know I know, but crap.

B: Jesus…

A: I was so sure… well…

B: But not really.

A: No not really.

A: Hmmmm.

B: Yes?

A: Well…

B: What?

A: I feel.

B: Ok… you feel?

A: I just… I don’t know… Feel.

B: Oh, yeah. Huh.

The lights fade on the two people and you can only see their feet as there is only a light on the oil as it flows in front of their feet. Lights fade.