March 10 & 11: Alyssa Kostello

March 10 & 11: I’ll Call You Back, Steve

Alyssa Kostello


A group of writers/activists

I’ll Call You Back, Steve

A group of writer/activists stand at the exposed pipeline, which is now full of crumpled papers. One of them steps forward, the last to add to blockage. He crumples his script and stuffs it inside the pipeline. Lights transition to reveal two oil tycoons. One SR, one SL. They are talking on the phone to each other.

Steve: We’re not getting any oil over here John.

John: What do you mean you’re not getting any oil? We started sending it over last week. It’s showing on our end.

Steve: Well it isn’t over here. We’re dry.

A man walks in to talk to John.

Man: Sir, there’s something wrong, we need you to come take a look. We’re getting a lot of high pressure readings –

There is a loud explosion and voices start yelling.

Men: Oil Everywhere! Run! Run! Run!

John: I’ll call you back Steve.

Both men hang up. Black out.