March 20 & 21: Radha Menon

March 20 & 21: Democracy is Dead

Radha Menon


A Woman

Democracy is Dead

A WOMAN stands in a mall with a bomb strapped to her back. She is ready to detonate the homemade device.

WOMAN: Liberty is a farce in a frilly dress readily raped by so-called progress. Yeah! Write it all down. We’re free to eat junk, indulge in porn, eat or starve ourselves to death and we do all the time. We’re fixated with nonsense. Distracted, decadent, delusional and vacant.We’re hooked on drugs, liquor, food, sex, violence, television and insecurity. As a species we have evolved up our own arses! Come any closer and you’re going up with me! [PAUSE] Yeah. I am ready to give my life. Why? What world do you live in buddy? Ruthless tyrants rule ready to sell the soles of your feet to the highest bidder. It doesn’t matter who you vote for in the end nothing changes. Corruption rules, those with money get richer while everything else is disposable. We don’t matter! You don’t matter! None of you do! Don’t you get it? Or are you one of the blind consumers gobbling like in Pacman? Blinkered, reporting, digging up and serving shit for the rest of the self-obsessed fuckers to shovel in without a single thought in their warped brains. Democracy is dead. It means nothing!The only way to stop this pillage and plunder is revolution.Yeah I said revolution. Without a modern revolt those Scum-sucking politicians who are voted in and paid to Represent us- the people, will continue to worship power, money and Greed. They have ruined this world. Nothing has any value unless it can be bought, sold or stolen for profit.There are no birds, no bees no weeds no love. [SOBS] Let my blood bone guts and gore bless all you poor sods.Democracy is dead! [She releases the detonator. Boom.]