November 16 & 17: Alyssa Kostello

November 16 & 17: The Wall

Alyssa Kostello


Council of Canadians
Maude Barlow
Big Man
Little Man
Tea Party Rats

The Wall

Big Man stands at the head of a crowd of people. Together they are TransCanada. Like a preacher at a church or a conductor of an orchestra, he leads everyone as they speak in unison.

Greed is good
Greed is right
Greed works
Greed for life, money, love, knowledge
Greed will save us

Little Man sneaks in the side and comes up to Big Man for a private conversation.

Little Man: Sir – Sir, they’re building a wall.

Big Man: What?

Little Man: The Council, they’re building a wall.

Big Man: The Council?

Little Man: There are hundreds of thousands of people out there with them Sir.

Big Man: What kind of wall?

Little Man: A wall of grassroots resistance.

Big Man: Shit. Get me Edelman.

Little Man runs out. Big Man speaks to his people.

Big Man: TransCanada. I’ve been informed that the Council of Canadians is building a wall. We need to go out there and tear that wall down. Are you with me?

They all cheer and march off. Scene Change. We are now outside. DS is a wall made of literal grass roots. It is ceiling height, but in actuality, knee length so we can see what’s happening. Big Man, Little Man and Edelman stand facing the wall. TransCanada are behind them. Council of Canadians are on the floor between the stage and the audience. They are building.

Big Man: What do we do Edelman?

Edelman: We smear them.

Big Man turns to TransCanada.

Big Man: Go get cloths and oil!

TransCanada leave.

Big Man: (to Edelman) Did you come alone?

Edelman: No, my advisors are over there.

He points to a group of rats SL who are having a tea party.

Big Man: Good.

Council member: They have Edelman!

Maude: That won’t stop us. Trust me. Keep building!

TransCanada comes back with cloths and a buckets of oil.

Big Man: Smear!

They start smearing oil on the wall. This lasts for a while.

TransCanada: It’s not working!

Big Man: What do you mean it’s not working?

TransCanada: They’re clean! The wall is clean!

Edelman: A grassroots wall can’t be that strong. Smear more.

Rats: Dig deeper.

TransCanada digs in the soil, using dirt and tar straight from the ground. They keep smearing the wall. This lasts for a while. They are all really dirty.

TransCanada: It’s still not working! We’re getting really tired sir.

Council: Maybe if you had clean energy you could keep going!

Edelman: Don’t listen to them, we have money and power.

Rats: Make it difficult for them. Distract them.

Big Man sends Little Man off. He returns with a juggler, an object manipulator and a body contortionist. They perform. It doesn’t work. They stay on stage and keep performing.

Edelman: We need to manufacture some public support.

Little Man and Big man leave and return with a hologram/projection of a crowd of people.

Edelman: Speak to them. Get their attention.

Big Man: (on a loud speaker) Council of Canadians, you are blinded. We are working on a nation building project. The pipelines will bring us all closer together and help strengthen our economy.

Council of Canadians do not believe this, looking to audience as well. They urge Maude to speak.

Maude: Do you really believe that? Look at what you’re doing over there. You look ridiculous. Take a moment for the stage picture to sink in. That is not how you build a nation. Look at what side the people stand on.

The hologram goes out. Council of Canadians politely asks audience members to stand with them. Once they are standing -

TransCanada/Little Man/Big Man/ Edelman/Rats: Shit.

Lights go out.