November 26 & 27: Susan Steudel

November 26 & 27: CHLOROPHYLL

Susan Steudel


WOMAN: pink checkered shirt and turquoise ball cap
LAW STUDENT: glasses, backpack
CANNON: situated on gunmount


From offstage, sound of drumming. A woman emerges from wing and approaches a law student who walks slowly near centre stage.

WOMAN: On your left.

The woman adjusts her stride to walk with the student. The pair arrive at the northmost point of a circular road in front of the Syncrude relic. They slow to a stop.


From offstage, sound of prayers to the four directions.

WOMAN: Another 7 kilometres and we’re done.

LAW STUDENT: ​The federal government has reversed its decision to allow the pipeline to be constructed. Now that Syncrude has folded, we’re happy to see it use its wealth to remediate the soils. I’m here to gather information to bring back to Vancouver.


Effigies in orange work suits flag on Styrofoam buoys. Eerie, empty suits over reflective tailings. White hardhats tilt atop unearthly garments. The reclaimed land begins to beam. A police vehicle streams past, lights flashing into the blazing sun.

LAW STUDENT:​ Since Syncrude abandoned its extraction agenda, it has spent its accumulated wealth developing solar energy.

WOMAN: Our work is going well.


The two begin swaying to rhythmic, persistent drumming. They pause here to build stamina before resuming. By walk’s end, the Syncrude plant will have dissolved into chlorophyll and oxygen.