November 8 & 9: Jordan Hall

November 8 & 9: Rhinestones & Ideology

Jordan Hall



Rhinestones & Ideology

Bell and Susie sit at a cafe. Bell wears an elaborate necklace.

BELL: So we’re watching that Zizek movie-

SUSIE: Like you do.

BELL: And it’s the part with the huge graveyard full of defunct planes, and he’s going on and on about how for capitalism to work we just have to accept that part of the process is this generation of these huge amounts of waste. Like these hundreds of planes just lying empty out there, in the Mojave desert are just some natural part of the workings of the free market.

SUSIE: Not a bug, a feature.

BELL: And I’m thinking, what if those planes are like: Our Pyramids or our Great Wall– this monument to a civilization– like just imagine finding them.

SUSIE: But they’re probably not because-

BELL: It’s so monumental.

SUSIE: But like: Mount Rushmore? Or like… the big monuments in DC.

BELL: Oh yeah.

SUSIE: So less like a monument and more like a record maybe.

BELL: Like fossils.

SUSIE: Like the La Brea tar pits. Like all those bones piled up at the bottom.

BELL: Those freak me out. But that’s another thing in that Zizek movie. He’s like: Something new only emerges when the existing network has failed. And we only understand the historical through decay. Like- we understand prehistory through all those extinct animals they find in the tar.

SUSIE: You think they had a sense of history once they were stuck?

BELL: A really brief sense of history.

They laugh.

SUSIE: I really like your necklace. Is it real?

BELL: Nah. Rhinestones. But who can tell the difference?