October 1 & 2: Jordan Hall

October 2: That Could Have Gone Better

Jordan Hall


PETER, a man in a business suit
JOHN, also a man in a business suit
THE GIRL WITH THE BUCKET, a girl with a bucket

That Could Have Gone Better

Peter and John stand at a podium, preparing for an presentation. They have papers and charts. They prepare to address the crowd.

A girl with a bucket walks onstage and pours the contents of the bucket, a thick, tar-like sludge, over both their heads.

They use their ties and jackets to wipe the sludge away from their faces. Peter looks at John.

PETER: That could have gone better.


October 1: We Have Always Lived with The Tentacle

Jordan Hall


LILLY: a girl
TOBY: a boy

We Have Always Lived with the Tentacle

Onstage, a thickness of giant tentacle, four feet in height, running from wing to wing, as though part of something much larger, and unseen.

From offstage, the sounds of laughter, and a chase.

LILLY (Offstage): I’ll get you for that Toby Miller!

Toby Miller, a young man with filthy hands, runs onstage, looks desperately around for a place to hide, and then, in a stroke of genius, starts to climb atop the tentacle.

Lilly, a young girl with a dirty hand print on a very nice pale dress, chases on stage after him, and stops, horrified.

LILLY: You come down from there!

TOBY: Make me!

LILLY: You’re not allowed to be up there!

TOBY: Says who?

LILLY: Says… Everybody.

TOBY: Liar.

LILLY: Nu-unh. You could fall and hurt yourself, or maybe you’ll break it.

TOBY: Oh yeah?

LILLY: Or– or– make it angry.

TOBY: Oh wow, well what if I do this?

He starts kicking the tentacle.

LILLY: You shouldn’t. (When Toby shows no sign of stopping:) Well, if it comes to life and kills us all, we’ll know whose fault it is.

TOBY: Yeah. Yours!

LILLY: Mine? But I–

TOBY: (Mimicking her:) But I–

LILLY: Stop that!

TOBY: Stop that!

LILLY: I’m warning you–!

TOBY: I’m warning–

Lilly jumps up just high enough to shove Toby’s legs. He falls backwards off the tentacle with a yelp.

Lights down.

Lights up.

Toby chases Lilly across the stage with at two-headed frog.

Lights down.

Lights up.

Toby sits, curled up underneath the tentacle, nursing a black eye.

Lilly enters cautious, with a wet towel, and though he flinches away, eventually Toby lets her start cleaning his bruised face.

Lights down.

Lights up.

Older now, Lilly and Toby sit atop the tentacle and kiss.

LILLY: Do you ever wonder what it actually is?

TOBY: Dunno. It’s just always been there.

LILLY: I’m glad it didn’t kill us all before you kissed me.

Still sitting on the tentacle, they look up at the stars.