October 29 & 30: Kennedy Goodkey


Kennedy Goodkey




A mother, a father walk down a street, holding hands.

On his chest is a small baby in a Baby Bjorn or similar carrier. They are approached by an activist with a clipboard and flyers.

ACTIVIST: Hi. Do you know about ForestEthics’ opposition to the Northern Gateway?

MOTHER: ForestEthics – hey cool – we met at Kennedy Lake Bridge… ’93…? MacMillan Blodel…? Clayquot?

ACTIVIST: …oh – yeah.

FATHER: Sorry, we have to get home for a nap. Not us – just her. (The baby.) Well, truth be told, maybe us too – but we can’t afford to have her miss a nap.

MOTHER: Oh, but you know, we would otherwise love to hear more. We are totally on board. As a matter of fact, you kind of remind me of him… back then. Half a lifetime away. But cleaner. But we did spend three months sleeping on a clear-cut, so…

FATHER: Thanks, Hon.

ACTIVIST: So hey, look. If you are too busy, that’s going to have to be okay – I hear a LOT of “no”s in a day. But you identify as allies, so can we put you on our mailing list?

FATHER: You don’t understand how bad this can go if we miss our nap-window…

ACTIVIST: It will just take a minute.

FATHER: You would not believe how volatile this little one gets if she doesn’t nap on time.

ACTIVIST: Not even a minute – really, I mean it.

FATHER: Really, I mean it. You’ve never been a parent have you?

ACTIVIST: As a parent how can you not afford to stand up for the future of your daughter’s planet?

FATHER: You did not just go play that card with-

MOTHER: Whoa whoa whoa… Tell you what? You go ahead. I’ll sign us on and catch up with you.

FATHER: Right. Right.

The Father walks on. The Mother scribbles her info down quickly and chases after him.
The activist walks in the opposite direction. The Mother joins the Father on the other side of the stage.

FATHER: Sorry.

MOTHER: Not necessary.

FATHER: What has happened?

MOTHER: To us?

FATHER: To me, at least.

MOTHER: To us.

FATHER: It was just months ago that we took up arms against the HST.

MOTHER: Years now, actually.

FATHER: Still.

MOTHER: That fight wasn’t exactly a righteous small “L” liberal victory.

FATHER: Yeah, still not sure we were on the right side of that one, but this… we know.

MOTHER: Mmm hmm.

FATHER: And we’re too caught up in sleep schedules to even educate ourselves?

MOTHER: That was you, Dear. But yes, to your larger point; yes we are.

FATHER: Is that right? Maybe he (or she – role of Activist is gender non-specific) was right. What about her? (The baby again.)

MOTHER: It’s okay. We fought our fight-

FATHER: There were grandmothers getting arrested on the blockade, you recall.

MOTHER: Let me finish my thought. We have fought our fight – for now. We’ll be back – maybe even before this one is all over.

FATHER: And what about her?

MOTHER: Let it go.

FATHER: Oh god, when does that start?

MOTHER: Not ‘til after she can talk. Right now, “what about her” is everything we are doing. We’re raising her. We’re getting her ready to fight her generation’s eco-battle.

FATHER: Jesus. That sounds like a naively ambitious task.

MOTHER: We’re already on our way.

FATHER: How’s that?

MOTHER: She’s our daughter.

FATHER: Yeah… (He gets lost in his baby’s eyes for a moment.) She’s so…

MOTHER: Adorable?

FATHER: For that, I blame her Mom.

(Scowl from Mother.)

FATHER: Who is also a very smart and capable woman who doesn’t have to rely on the physical beauty she presents to the world for her self-esteem. Wait – you said “adorable” first.


FATHER: So… We keep doing this right?

MOTHER: Assuming, we’re doing it right.

FATHER: I wouldn’t do it any other way, or with anyone else.


(They kiss. It lingers… The baby starts to cry.)

FATHER: Oh no. What time is it?