October 5 & 6: Kathryn Mockler

October 5 & 6: YOU KNOW WHAT’S GREAT?

Kathryn Mockler



A: The world is a terrible place. But you know what’s GREAT about it?

B: What?

A (smiles): I don’t care anymore!

B (frowns): Don’t you think you’re being selfish? Don’t you think you’re being rude?

A: No. I think I’m being just like everybody else.

B: Is it wise to be like everyone else?

A: Yes. Instead of getting worked up and losing sleep, I’m watching events unfold like I’m in a movie theatre but sitting far away from the front row.

B: Can you order popcorn?

A: I can order all the popcorn I want and some red licorice. And you know what?

B: What?

A: The seats are very comfortable and no one blocks my view—not even the man with the oversized head who claims to know how the film will end.

B: Does the film make anyone cry?

A: No. No one is crying.

B: Why not? Isn’t it a sad story?

A: Yes, it is a very sad story, but everyone still thinks it is happening to someone else and not them.