October 9 & 10: Alyssa Kostello

October 9 & 10: WHO’S THE BOSS

Alyssa Kostello

DilBit (diluted bitumen)
NatGa 1, 2, 3 (natural gas)
OiSa (oil sands)
Random Prisoner 1 and 2


In a prison. DilBit is a returning inmate that has just walked in the doors and down the hallway.

NatGa1: Oh! Well look who’s back. What big mess did you make this time?

DilBit: Go away, I don’t wanna to talk to you.

NatGa2 appears from around the corner.

NatGa2: You don’t wanna to talk to her?

DilBit: You heard me.

NatGa3 appears from around the other corner. DilBit is surrounded.

NatGa3: After what we did for you?

DilBit: Land me in prison?

NatGa2: It’s not our fault you make messes no one can clean up.
That you poison people, kill people. I’m surprised they even let you out.

DilBit: I’ve got friends with money who believe I’m innocent.

NatGa3: More innocent than us?

DilBit: They can’t release everyone. They have an image to uphold.

NatGa: Ha. Image schmimage.

NatGa2: Yeah, what good is it? You’re back in here again.

OiSa enters.

OiSa: EXCUSE ME. Everyone looks. Now, why are we making a scene here?

NatGa: Hey, look who’s back-

OiSa: I see. I have eyes. How you feelin’ Bit?

DilBit: Heavy.

NatGa2: Why you befriendin’ the enemy?

OiSa: He’s not the one we should be mad at.

NatGa2: No? I disagree-

OiSa: LET me talk please.

NatGa: No, you ain’t the boss in here OiSa – you ain’t safe in your forest anymore, hiding from all the action.

NatGa3: Yeah –

OiSa: Hey, I’ve been using my time in here to think and reflect. Not to float around in other people’s business and cause trouble like you three.

DilBit: Why don’t you guys try shuttin’ your mouths and listening? Or is that impossible for you?

NatGa3 mumbles.

NatGa3: Thought she wasn’t the boss.

Silence. OiSa, pleased, starts speaking.

OiSa: I realize I ain’t the boss. I was never the boss. I was manipulated into thinking this shit was good for me. I didn’t have a choice. We can play the blame game, whose role in this business we’re in is worse, but that’s exactly what they want. We’re being controlled and used. No one cares about us, they just care about money. And they’ve got us addicted. We need more and more – we keep playing their game. We get let out, and we’re right back in their power until we get sent back HERE, in the hole. AGAIN. We’re pawns – they use us and they put all the blame on us, when actually, they’re the ones running things. We don’t belong in here, they do. Fuck the system man. There’s better ways, healthier ways.

Random Prisoner1: AMEN

Random Prisoner2: Yeah, Fuck the system!

NatGa1, 2, 3 and DilBit are overwhelmed and affected by this speech.

NatGa1: You’re really deep OiSa.

DilBit: What do we about it? All that shit you just said? You can think something and speak words but what can we actually do about it?

OiSa: Resist. Revolt. Retire.

Random Prisoner2: Yeah! Reduce Reuse Recycle!

NatGa: No it’s Resist, Revolt, Retire.

Random Prisoner2: Oh I’m all for that too.

Random Prisoner1: Hey, we should start a compost program here at the prison.

Random Prisoner2: Hey, that’s a good idea man.

DilBit: Alright. I’m in.

NatGa: Me too.

NatGa2 and 3: Me too.

Random Prisoner1: (thinking they’re part of the same conversation) You guys wanna help us start compost?

NatGa: Um no.

OiSa: Now hold on. We’ll help you, if you help us with our little project.

Random Prisoner 1 and 2: Deal!