Who We Are

The Enpipe Line started as a long poem that goes dream vs. dream with Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipelines. If built, these 1,170 kilometre pipelines will carry tars sands oil and its poisonous by-products across more than 700 streams and rivers between Alberta and the BC port of Kitimat. In Kitimat, crude oil would be pumped into supertankers for export, threatening the fragile coastal ecosystem with a major spill. Originally conceived as a 1,170 kilometre-long collaborative line of poetry to match the length of the proposed pipelines.

When Canada’s federal government approved Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipelines on June 17, 2014, the Enpipe Line was reactivated to contribute to continued resistance to pipeline projects that are wrong for the coast and wrong for the climate. Join us!

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