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Can I Write Dr After BDS?

Imagine you’re at a prestigious event, and a renowned dentist introduces themselves as ‘Dr. Smith.’ You might find yourself wondering, ‘Can I write Dr. after BDS?’ This question delves into the complexities of professional titles in dentistry and the nuances surrounding the use of ‘Dr.’ in the field. As you ponder this scenario, consider the […]


Which Type of Lock Is Best for Main Door?

When pondering over the perfect protection for your primary passage, a plethora of possibilities present themselves. Traditional deadbolts offer a sense of security, while smart locks provide modern convenience. Keyless entry systems boast ease of access, mortise locks are known for their durability, and multi-point locking systems offer enhanced safety features. Also Read Digital door […]


Why Do Kids Like Roblox?

When it comes to the virtual world of Roblox, it’s like opening a door to a vast playground where endless adventures await. The allure of this platform to kids goes beyond mere entertainment; it’s a realm where imagination knows no bounds. As you navigate through this digital universe, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world […]

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